Benefits of Hosting WordPress in the Cloud

Posted on 25 January, 2013 by PJ Taei

Most blogs operate on shared hosting servers; this is when a web host sets your website up with hundreds of other websites on one dedicated server. Shared hosting is typically under $10-$20/month.

For the past ten years, it hasn?t been easy to host a large-scale application, but with the cloud, it?s no longer an issue. As your WordPress CMS grows, it will become a large-scale application or close to it. At WebNet Hosting, we have built an easy-to-

wordpress in the cloud

use cloud platform that will host WordPress no matter what the size.

As your WordPress blog grows it will become very resource intensive, easily outgrowing basic VPS environments and dedicated servers?this is where the cloud can help and boost your productivity.

Hosting WordPress on Amazon AWS is not an easy task, and it will definitely require some programming and setup.

With our Cloud VPS Hosting package, we have setup six pre-defined packages that are optimized specifically for WordPress CMS. The installation of WordPress is easy, and our cloud is fully managed. We take care of the backend while you focus on your blog.

Here are some benefits of hosting WordPress in the cloud

Easy to Install

That is one thing you cannot say about Amazon AWS. The setup of the Amazon cloud is a lot harder than our cloud. Our cloud is pre-configured and easy to setup. Simply order the package, and we take care of the installation and management of the Cloud Server.

Easy to Upgrade

Need more resources or want to create another server? Easy. Login to your hosting control panel with us and simply add resources on the fly, no reboot or downtime is required, and the resources will be added right way.

No Server Management Required

Server management is not required on a cloud. We take care of the management on our side: we do updates, patches and security updates.

Cost Efficient & Energy Efficient

Using the cloud allows you to scale up and down resources as you see fit; this allows you to save on slower days or months and scale down resources while paying less. Remember, resizing does not require a reboot, so there is no downtime.

Total Control Over Your Setup

Control is very important when hosting WordPress. With the cloud you can have total control over your server?s resources, its functionality, and you have the opportunity to reboot services anytime you wish (including MySQL, PHP and much more).

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Most hosts don?t offer an easy-to-use control panel with the cloud. We offer a user friendly control panel with every cloud account. This control panel will allow you to add and remove resources as you see fit, setup emails, manage spam, restart services, and much more.

Setting up your Cloud server is easy, visit our VPS Hosting in the Cloud page for WordPress.

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Posted on 25 January, 2013 by PJ Taei

PJ is the founder and CEO of WebNet Hosting.