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Tricks on How to Maintain your Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software

We started hosting and managing e-commerce shopping carts in 2005, when we joined Miva Merchant as their premier hosting partner. Now we host over 5,000 ecommerce shopping cart softwares, ranging from open source shopping carts like PrestaShop, Magento and OpenCart, to the more popular licensed shopping carts like Pinnaclecart and Miva Merchant.

Throughout the years I?ve come across a lot of business owners: I?ve helped them make their websites easier for search engines to crawl, I?ve sped up their storefronts; and more importantly, I?ve helped my customers maintain their ecommerce shopping cart software in professional manner.

When you are operating and managing an advanced shopping cart and selling products online, as your storefront continues to grow, and shoppers continue to add and remove products to the basket, you will begin to realize your shopping cart is not as fast as it originally was.

ecommerce shopping logo

This has to do with a number of factors:
1 ? You are adding multiple products and plug-ins, and many times this will require more resources from the server that are not available because you are hosting your website in a shared hosting environment. It?s time to upgrade to either a VPS or a Dedicated Server?or better than that: a Cloud Server.

2 – You are not properly maintaining your store: Your store is growing, and you need to make sure you follow a few important steps, which are mentioned below.

Owning an e-commerce website can be a lot of work if you do not properly maintain your storefront. Here are some helpful tips that will help you correctly manage it:

Keep your Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software Updated
This is one of the most important steps when it comes to maintaining your own e-commerce website. You need to be sure to keep your shopping cart software updated to the latest version. In some cases you can easily run an update within the shopping carts web portal; but in other cases you will have to hire help for this task, as the software will require you to download the new version. Go into the backend of the file manager, and upload the files manually to either the file system or the database.

As a web host we gladly help upgrade customer?s storefronts at no charge (depending on the complexity of the storefront). This not only helps our customers out, it keeps our servers free of open holes for hackers to hack.

Delete Old Files
You will need to make sure you do not keep old, un-wanted files within your hosting account?unless they are very small. Many times large images or videos that are not used will take up a lot of space. This does not make a difference in a Cloud, VPS or Dedicated Hosting environment, but it can make a difference in shared hosting space.

Back Up Your Complete Website
It?s very important as the owner of your website that you have a copy of the site accessible to you at all times; this makes it easy for you to make changes and upload your site to the server. Additionally, if you break something on your website, you can easily upload it via your own local copy. As a web host we keep 2 copies of backups for all of our customers, but we always encourage customers to have their own local backups, just in case.

Make Sure to Compress Large Images
One of the most important rules when it comes to having your product pages load fast is to make sure you do not upload product images that are too large. Oversized product images or thumbnails will cause your webpage to download more slowly. Users do not want to wait to purchase products: they want the process to be fast, and they want all pages to load quickly.

Delete Expired Shopping Baskets
Some shopping carts allow you to delete expired baskets; this is a very important step, which should be done often. You want to do this on a daily basis to keep your shopping cart clean. This maintenance can help speed up your cart for the convenience of your customers.

Install a CDN
Installing a CDN?which we offer with all of our packages at no additional cost?will help significantly increase your website speed. A CDN will cache a local copy of large files on your website all over the world, so your website will be super fast no matter what location your customer is browsing from.

Keep Your Website Updated
Just like any other website, e-commerce websites also need to be updated often. Continue to enhance your website by updating images and product descriptions with the latest information. Search engines keep track of website changes, and they like to see updates to a website. Remember one of the factors that major search engines use to rank websites is how often they are updated, which brings me to my next point?

Install a Blog
Installing a blog is one of the easiest ways to add new content to your website easily. Establishing a blog for an e-commerce storefront is very important! It shows major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo that you are continuously updating your website with new content. Be sure to blog about your current products, upcoming products and industry news. This will make a significant change to your ranking over time. Remember you have to be patient: It doesn?t happen overnight.

Fix Dead Pages
Fixing dead 404 pages is one of the most important maintenance steps to be taken. Never remove a product and leave a dead page on your site just hanging there. Always use a 301 re-direct to redirect the link value of that page to another page. Search engines hate dead pages and you will lose link value for that page if it?s a dead 404 page. We can help locate dead links on your website by running a scan and creating 404 pages for it.

Always Upgrade
I cannot overstress the fact that shared hosting is for small websites and not CMS driven or database driven sites with shopping carts. Remember in a shared hosting environment, you are sharing resources from the server with over a few hundred other websites. The best platform to host a small to medium e-commerce website is on a VPS Hosting Package or Dedicated Hosting package (my recommendation is always a Cloud VPS Hosting package). When you purchase a hosting package on a Cloud, not only is it secure, you?re also guaranteeing growth. Tomorrow if you were featured on Oprah, on a normal non-Cloud environment, your website would crash and you would have to wait 24 hours for your host provider to move your data and upgrade you. But in a Cloud environment, you can do it right away without any downtime: you can allocate as much resources as you need to your server. Remember a cloud is a network of servers interconnected, so if 1 server were to crash, the others would offset instantly.

I hope the following steps have helped shed some light on important maintenance steps to be taken regarding your e-commerce-shopping cart. I am confident if you follow the rules above, you will not only increase your search engine ranking for your storefront, but you will also increase your conversions.

“Forbidden” Error Since Upgrading To Miva 5.5 PR8 Update 7

Miva Merchant

Miva Merchant

Some merchants who have been updating to Miva Merchant 5.5 PR8 Update 7 are seeing a “Forbidden” error when using “Legacy Order Processing”. This is a known bug and Miva is working on a fix that will be pushed out soon that will fix it.

The error looks like this:

You don’t have permission to access /mm5/ on this server.

In the mean time, Miva Merchant recommend users use the new Manage Orders menu item that was added in an earlier update.

Google Analytics Module for Miva Merchant

Google Analytics

WebNet Hosting is excited to offer the Google Analytics module for Miva Merchant to all of their Miva Merchant Hosting customers at no additional cost. This applies to both new and existing Miva websites hosted with WebNet Hosting.

Google Analytics allows you to track website statistics like page visits, amount of time spent on individual pages, how much your traffic has changed over different time periods, where your traffic is coming from and what times of day your site is busiest. It gives you tremendous insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and what kind of traffic your site is receiving. Google Analytics is extremely user-friendly and after utilizing its tools, you will be able to create better targeted advertisements and promotions and ultimately create a website with higher conversions.

The Google Analytics module for Miva Merchant is the most current version. It fully supports the new asynchrous tracking code and includes features like on-site search tracking and e-commerce conversion tracking.

The Google Analytics module has been tested and is completely functional with the new Miva Merchant PR7 Wombat. You can even track statistics across subdomains and cross-domain. With an active Google AdWords account you can also integrate your Google AdWords tracking code with Miva Merchant 5.5.

Take advantage of this free module for your new or existing Miva Merchant store with WebNet Hosting today!

WebNet Hosting is a leading provider and Premier Partner Miva Host located in the Washington, DC metro area. Visit for more details on their managed Miva Hosting plans and e-commerce solutions for your website.

For more information about Google Analytics, visit

Increase Search Engine Rank With Miva Merchant 5.5

Search engine ranking

An online merchant?s livelihood depends on driving quality traffic to their site that will ultimately convert into sales.Therefore, search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental process for those with e-commerce sites. SEO is the process of making a website search engine friendly so it can be easily crawled and indexed by the search engine spiders.With the proper SEO techniques, sites can rank higher on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) thus amplifying and enhancing traffic directed to a site from search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.Since studies show that Google accounts for around 80% of all online search inquiries, it should be the primary search engine focused on for SEO because it sets the standards for search.

The definitive goal of SEO is to move your site to the top of the SERP, thus increasing traffic, page rank, visibility and conversions ? otherwise known as web presence.As research has proven, increased sales are the direct result of a strong web presence and what company wouldn?t want to boost their sales?SEO is primarily accomplished by building quality organic backlinks through various methods such as article marketing, directory listings, press release distribution, e-newsletters and signature linking on blogs and forums.

The meta tags (title, description and keywords) of a web page are also key elements that search engines use in order to categorize and rank web pages.Most times, these tags remain invisible to the visitors of a site because they are in the head section of the HTML document.Meta tags provide information regarding page content and consist of keywords describing the page?s subject matter.In-depth keyword research is at the heart of a successful online business.Utilize Google?s Keyword Tools to figure out the best keywords for your site.

For the owners and operators of businesses operating on the Internet, especially those carrying a vast array of products and/or services, creating exclusive meta tags for each and every item/page can be a daunting, lengthy and drawn out process.The Miva Merchant Shopping Cart simplifies this procedure and consequently, gives the online entrepreneur more time to focus on the actual operation of their business. In face, Miva Merchant is regarded as the most customizable shopping cart software on the market.

With Miva Merchant 5.5, you can attribute unique descriptions, keywords and titles to the bulk of your pages by simply editing three page templates.These templates are known as Storefront, Category Display and Product Display.By utilizing these templates, you can save time, headaches and ultimately money.

The Storefront template allows you to create and easily apply the most effective meta tags and title for your home page.On the other hand, with the category and product display templates, you can quickly and painlessly create and apply tags and descriptions to all individual product and category pages.

It is imperative to use the most searched for words so that page rank can improve and traffic to the site can grow.This will, in turn, lead to higher sales.Always remember that finding and using dynamic keywords is a crucial component of the SEO process.

Miva Modules Allow Complete Customization of Your Online Store

Miva Merchant 5.5, the premier online shopping cart software, allows its users the ability to purchase third party scripts and plug-ins known as modules. In the early days of e-commerce, Miva developers found themselves making the same custom scripts to execute certain tasks over and over again. They decided that they should make a plug-in so that prefabricated scripts could tweak websites. This way they would not have to keep manually editing each customers? source codes.

Miva Merchant Modules are the ideal way of creating a fully customizable online store. They are easy to install and require no costly outsourcing to a web developer to create custom programming. Miva Modules typically cost between 1/10th and 1/20th of what the equivalent in third-party development would cost.

There is now a large enough market for Miva Modules that there are a number of developers and the competition between them has kept the quality of their products very high. The main categories of modules available include:

  • Website Look and Feel
  • Email Management
  • Ordering and Shipping
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Checkout Process Enhancements
  • Promotions and Marketing
  • Store Management

Through the proper use of Miva Merchant Modules, storeowners can truly make their websites stand out from the competition and take their stores to the next level. Furthermore, thanks to SEO modules, page rank in the search engine results pages can be greatly increased.

With such an abundance of modules for the Miva Merchant shopping cart on the market, those involved in the e-commerce industry will be surprised by their ability to truly customize their websites like never before. Miva Merchant puts the power into the hands of the storeowner.

Visit for a list of the best-selling Miva Merchant Modules available.

The New Miva Merchant Production Release 7 aka “Wombat” Delivers PCI & PA-DSS Compliance + Much More!

Miva Merchant has recently released the newest version of their popular online shopping cart software, Production Release 7, also known as ?Wombat.? This latest version can be downloaded by anyone utilizing with a Miva Merchant 5.5 license via the Streaming Update feature. WebNet Hosting, a Premier Partner Miva Host since 2004, offers both new and existing clients a free upgrade to the newest version of Miva from old versions, site transfers from previous hosts and a free Miva license (a $995 value!) when a new account is opened.

If you are the operator of an online business and not yet taking advantage of Miva Web Hosting then now is the perfect time to transfer. With the new ?Wombat,? Miva Merchant is now officially a PCI PA-DSS (Payment Card Industry, Payment Application – Data Security Standard) certified shopping cart application. The deadline for PCI Compliance is very rapidly approaching and all e-commerce sites must comply with the DSS guidelines by July 1st, 2010. If an e-commerce website processes and stores credit card transactions and/or other private information then they must utilize PCI Compliant Miva Merchant Hosting and all payment applications must adhere to the PA-DSS.

Non-compliance with the rules established by the PCI causes websites to risk increased merchant fees and penalties, termination of merchant accounts, costly fines and even being completely shutdown. Many shopping carts and e-commerce hosting applications are not compliant with the new DSS, especially carts that are considered ?open-source? and lack the funds to go through the certification process. This is bad news for those operating e-commerce websites that use shopping carts that are not certified. The risks of non-compliance, highlighted above, are a very really threat to the livelihood of online storeowners. If your site is not compliant with the new DSS because you are using a shopping cart that is not certified, then now is the perfect time to transfer. July 1st is very rapidly approaching and your business could be severely and detrimentally impacted due to non-compliance.

Other features of the new Miva Merchant ?Wombat? include:

  • Advanced order processing tools
  • Innovative inventory management
  • Updated, user-friendly CSS interface
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Ability to take phone orders from the admin panel
  • Improved SEO capabilities

The new CSS UI is beneficial for the e-commerce operator in many ways. It increases functionality of websites by truly separating a site?s content, code and physical appearance. This new feature allows users to change the visual elements of their website without modifying the way in which it functions, which decreases the chance of a site breaking and not performing to its best ability. With the new UI, a better site and administrative layout is created providing users with a modern looking and functioning site without any costly or time consuming development.

The cutting-edge, new Miva Merchant Wombat truly takes the online store to the next level. With this release, Miva Merchant solidifies itself as the leader in customizable online shopping cart software.

Interview with Chuck Lasker of

When did you become involved in the e-commerce industry?
My first website design was in 1995, but my first e-commerce site was for my employer in 1999. The site is still exactly the same as when I left it in 2003.

How did you get started in the Miva Merchant community?
I was Vice President of Operations and Marketing at a national health products company. We decided to add online shopping to our static website, and our host happened to offer Miva Merchant as their e-commerce solution. As a new user, I signed up for the Miva Merchant user list (now a forum). I started out asking questions, then, as I learned more, answering questions from other users. Finally, people started asking if they could hire me, and I started a part-time consulting business. A few years later, in 2003, I went full-time.

What made you get involved in the creation of tutorials?
As a Miva Merchant consultant, I kept getting the same questions from clients over and over. Recognizing a pattern, I bought screen capture software and started creating tutorial videos to answer the most common questions. It saved me a lot of support time and allowed my clients to be less dependent on me for many tasks.

Word got around about my Miva Merchant tutorials to users who were not my clients. People asked me if they could watch the videos, so I came up with a subscription plan that allowed me to expand the topics and create more professional tutorials.

What role do you think social media plays in the e-commerce industry? How do you think that those running online businesses can use social media to their advantage?
I am a social media addict. I use Facebook and Twitter constantly. However, I have my doubts that many e-commerce sites would benefit from the time it takes to manage social media accounts. It takes real commitment, engaging your connections, not just blasting out promotional posts.

For those willing to put in the time and effort, there are three ways I can see benefiting from social media:

  1. Being accessible. While the big companies are completely out of touch, with almost no desire to engage their customers, a small e-commerce business can build true customer loyalty and word of mouth marketing through honest engagement. Additionally, you can get fantastic ideas for new products, product improvements, and marketing techniques. Step out of your ivory tower and you?ll be amazed at how much your customers want to help you.
  2. Tech support and complaints. If I can send a quick question via Twitter about a product I purchased, and get an answer within a few hours, I will be impressed. If I complain, and I get a sincere response, I?m even more impressed.
  3. Promotions. People are not too fond of obvious promotional posts in social media. However, every now and then giving an exclusive discount (coupon code twittertuesday, for example), builds interest in your updates and gets you onto special follow lists.

What role(s) does blogging play in the current web 2.0 landscape and how can blogging as well as applications like Twitter and Facebook bring a personal touch to businesses?
One major benefit of blogging is having constantly updated content on your site, leading to SEO benefits. Another is providing information that builds loyalty and trust. If you reveal yourself via blogging and social media, as long as you?re not a jerk, you will generate loyal ambassadors for your brand. If you are a jerk, stay far away from social media!

I?ll take this opportunity to give some e-commerce advice. Unless you have a proprietary product with high demand and no competition, you must differentiate yourself from the bigger online stores. The best way to do this, in my opinion, is to tell your story. Most people would prefer to do business with a person instead of a corporation. Personal photos, in depth stories, family references ? all of these things can be done with a blog to build a reason to shop on your site versus

Could you tell us a little more about your role with the popular Practical eCommerce magazine?
I founded Practical eCommerce Magazine. I used Kerry Murdock as my publisher. Even before the first issue was published, Kerry offered to buy the magazine from me. I sold it and helped with the first few issues. I wrote most of the first issue, half of the second issue, and some of the third issue. Eventually Kerry decided to discontinue the printed magazine and focus on 100% online content. It?s quite popular and I?m proud of my part in its creation.

What are your roles at the Miva Merchant conference?
I don?t have any predefined roles. At several conferences I taught a breakout session or two. At the recent 2010 conference I was asked to be the MC. I also moderated a guest panel and demonstrated the new Wombat version of Miva Merchant. I hope to have continued involvement in future conferences.

How do you see Miva evolving over the next few years? How has it changed since you began working with it?
In the beginning, Miva was a barely-funded startup. Support was minimal as staffing was always below what would be required to properly support the product. But it was a good enough product to be worth the trouble.

Miva was then bought by a company named FindWhat, which turned out, even with the additional funding, to be a terrible fit. The product lost a lot of users and community support.

In 2007, the current owners bought Miva Merchant. Support increased dramatically, the product was greatly improved and the community became much more motivated. Miva Merchant 5.5 is light years ahead of the previous versions due to considerable investment in a complete platform redesign.

As far as the future, I believe Miva Merchant will follow a path similar to eBay, Skype and, from a small company serving a tight-knit community of users, to a mainstream corporate software leader. With the software getting easier to use and the company providing services historically offered only by third party partners, the need for a user community to support each other is decreasing. The result will be either Miva Merchant becoming a large full service company like Volusion, or the company being acquired similar to Monster Commerce?s acquisition by Network Solutions.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start their own Miva store?
That?s a simple one. Be prepared to spend some money to get started. People wrongly believe they can start an entire e-commerce business for 500 bucks, mainly because of misleading ads from GoDaddy and Yahoo. The reality is, if this will be more than a hobby, if you?re serious, it?s going to require a minimum investment in the thousands of dollars. Get an experienced consultant to help, and do it right. Or, if you don?t have a big enough budget, spend what you have on some nice new clothes or a short trip, because doing e-commerce halfway is worse than not doing it at all.

Why choose Miva over other shopping carts (either hosted or open-source)?
I wrote a blog post, 10 Reasons Why I Prefer the Miva Merchant Shopping Cart:

How has your blog helped you generate business?
Anyone who has been involved in the Miva Merchant community for a long time can probably remember my entrance to the community. Instead of a forum, there was an email user list. When someone emailed to the user list address, everyone on the user list got a copy of the email. When someone responded, everyone got that one, too. This led to a lot of emails each day, as well as some lively discussions.

With this user list, I made waves by criticizing Miva (the company), loudly stating my opinions, and fighting off the old-school leaders of the community. I made people angry, but everyone knew me as a person who says what he thinks. I learned that notoriety and honesty can make an impact. My initial clients all said it was because of my willingness to criticize that they were interested in working with me. They trusted me. And by working to earn continued trust, I built a business.

I said all that to say, for me, a blog is a place to build a reputation. Combined with other social media, people can truly get to know you.

What challenges do you see facing the world of e-commerce now and in the future?
In the beginning, long long ago in the late 90?s, a small company was able to compete with the big companies cheaply and effectively online. This is no longer the case. As with anything else, the big companies have found a way to push costs up to exclude smaller entrants from making a dent in their businesses. And that just means us smaller guys need to be more creative, faster to react to market changes, and more engaged with our customers to succeed. This, I believe, is the challenge of the moment, and will remain so for a few more years.

If I tried to give an opinion about what is going to happen with the Internet beyond 2 or 3 years, I?d be showing myself to be a fool.

Can you tell us some of the reasons behind your success?
Even though I?m not rich, I do consider myself successful because I?ve been able to do what I love for over seven years with no boss. I can pick and choose who I work with, and I have never had to seek out new business. I credit this to doing something at all times, keeping myself out there and working continually. If business is slow, I look for opportunities to help others. I believe this creates a karmic response that leads to good fortune from sources I could not predict.

How has the recent economic downturn affected your business?
When the economy is slow, businesses must choose where to get the most return for their investment dollar. For example, they can spend four grand on a Yellow Pages ad, or they can invest less than that to hire a developer to create or rework their online stores for increased sales. More website work equals more developers needing help equals more subscribers to! In other words, the downturn has been good to me.

What can we expect from Chuck Lasker in the next five years?
I have no idea. I have learned to write my goals in sand, knowing that, working hard in one direction usually leads to unexpected opportunities from other directions. I could not have told you in 2005 that I?d be anywhere near where I am today, professionally. Hopefully, by 2015, I will be able to say that I am just as surprised and delighted by where I?ll be as I am now. If that includes a lot of beach time, all the better.

E-Commerce Experts Join Forces to Launch the New Miva Merchant and E-Commerce Community Website ?

The Miva Merchant hosted shopping cart platform provided by WebNet Hosting is revered as the most reliable, affordable and customizable cart application for e-commerce businesses. WebNet Hosting has created as a new one-stop site for all things related to the Miva Merchant and e-commerce communities. MM5Central is devoted to providing online storeowners, developers and those involved in the e-commerce industry with engaging and unrivaled Miva Merchant content and resources.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) May 18, 2010 — MM5Central connects the e-commerce industry and the Miva Merchant community with the tools they need in order to run a successful online business. With the information provided by this powerful new website, storeowners will be able to learn how they can make their websites function on their terms and make their sites work for them, rather than the other way around. is the new one-stop source for video tutorials,  articles, interviews, reviews and much more regarding the Miva Merchant  shopping cart application and Miva Web Hosting as well as the e-commerce  industry. is the new one-stop source for video tutorials, articles, interviews, reviews and much more regarding the Miva Merchant shopping cart application and Miva Web Hosting as well as the e-commerce industry. is the Ultimate Resource for the Miva Merchant & E-Commerce Communities.

Miva Merchant is a module-based shopping cart software that operates primarily on a template basis. There are numerous developers that are continuously producing new modules, store skins and scripts to give storeowners the opportunity to tailor their sites to their exact specifications. This is something that other shopping carts on the market do not provide.

MM5Central does the dirty work for their users. They weed through the current modules on the market and provide visitors with reviews of the best modules available for various tasks. With Miva?s powerful Store Morph Technology (SMT), owners of online storefronts can completely modify each and every page of their website. Furthermore, with Miva?s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) templates, storeowners can easily assign meta tags and descriptions to their pages.

For over ten years, Miva Merchant has been widely recognized as the most customizable and user-friendly shopping cart on the market with its first-rate features and countless available modules. Now, Miva Merchant 5, in conjunction with WebNet Hosting, is embracing the future of e-commerce by offering fully PCI Compliant Miva Merchant Hosting and PA-DSS certification of the Miva cart platform.

The PA-DSS requires all shopping cart applications to adhere to strict security guidelines in order to make the Internet a safe and trusted marketplace for credit card transactions and other confidential information. With their latest release, Miva Merchant is now 100% compliant with the PA-DSS (well before the July 1st, 2010 deadline). For merchants using carts that are not PA-DSS certified, now is the perfect time to transfer your website to a Miva Web Hosting account with WebNet Hosting in order to guarantee total compliance. Transfers as well as the Miva license (a $995 value) are free and WebNet Hosting will also provide any client that opens a new account with a free Miva Skin (a $250 value).

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and evolving. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with it all. MM5Central pledges to stay on top of the current trends, software updates and Miva modules in order to provide the Miva community with the most up to date information available. Everything an online storeowner needs to know is merely a click away. Users are encouraged to submit questions, comments and articles to MM5Central?s expert staff via the site?s Miva Wiki feature. delivers all of the following and more:

·   Miva Video Tutorials
·   The Top 10 Miva Modules
·   Product Reviews
·   Articles Written by Miva Experts
·   Technical Support
·   The Miva Wiki
·   Interviews
·   Success Stories
·   Managed Miva Hosting

Are you getting the most out of your Miva?

About has been developed and is fully supported by WebNet Hosting, Premier Partner Miva Merchant Web Hosting providers since 2004. This is a site dedicated to the Miva Merchant and e-commerce communities in order to help online business owners of any size operate more effectively. The distinguished MM5Central team strives to be a friendly and accessible group of experts that always puts their clients first. Established or prospective online storeowners need to search no further than WebNet Hosting for all of their web hosting, e-commerce and shopping cart solutions.

2010 Miva Merchant Conference DVD Sale

The annual Miva Merchant Conference of 2010 occurred during the last weekend of February. Over 350 entrepreneurs were in attendance to learn how to better their online businesses by implementing the valuable tools provided by Miva into their storefronts.

If you order before April 30th then you will receive an additional $50 off your purchase!!

For the first time ever, the conference will be available for purchase on a six set DVD series. This is perfect for those that attended and would like a refresher course or for those that simply could not make it out to San Diego.

The DVD set consists of all six of the keynote speeches, all break-out sessions and every PowerPoint presented over the long weekend.

Highlights from the conference included in the DVDs are:

  • Keynote speaker and SEO Guru Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of, arguably the most famous brand in search marketing
  • Keynote Speaker Nate Fick, author of One Bullet Away and inspiration for the HBO Series Generation Kill who will teach you about Leadership Under Pressure and how to thrive while sometimes amidst chaos
  • Speaker and author Larry Osborne will show you how to successfully implement change and innovation in your business and how to see the forest for the trees while making those changes.
Simply click here to pre-order the DVDs. The special sale price is $199 for orders placed before April 30th. After that date, the DVD set will cost the regular $249.
All pre-orders will be shipped Friday April 30th.
Don’t miss your chance to obtain this extremely useful content that will teach you numerous tactics for success in the ever competitive e-commerce industry!