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PrestaShop VS Magento – Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Comparison

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The Leader: Magento

Magento logo for Magento hosting

Magento is the leader in the e-commerce shopping cart market. It is an open-source shopping cart that provides online merchants with flexibility and control over the look and feel, content and functionality of their store. Magento is extremely feature-rich software, and some of its top features include:

– Customer segmentation

– Targeting promotion and merchandising

– Product suggestion tools, with ratings and reviews

– Search Engine Optimization option

– Multiple payment and shipping options

– Plus many more features

The Challenger: PrestaShop


Prestashop is an award-winning e-commerce shopping cart platform with a huge online community, over 125,000 online stores and an extensive features list. PrestShop is up and coming and is gaining in popularity in the US as a reliable, robust shopping cart solution. If there is any shopping cart that could challenge Magento, that shopping cart is PrestaShop. Let?s have a look at some of the top features of PrestaShop:

– Catalog management

– Site management

– Search Engine Optimization

– Analytics and reporting

– Localization/Taxes

– Shipping and payments

Google Trends: Prestashop vs Magento

Google trends showing a comparison between Prestashop and Magento

As you can see, PrestaShop is rising and slowly catching up with Magento in terms of popularity. Being a hosting provider, we have seen a tremendous increase in PrestaShop install in the last few years. Prestashop initially had very few downloads in the US. Most of the installs used to be in Europe (especially France) and Brazil; however, over the last few years, the number of requests for PrestaShop in the US has increased. On the other side, Magento has managed to be the leader and has seen a steady growth as well. All things considered: The gap between both the shopping carts is decreasing.




Comparison Chart: Prestashop vs Magento

Release Date August 2007 March 2008
History Started by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Leveque Started by Varien( now Magento Inc) by programmers from open source community
No. Of versions 7 15
Latest Version (December 31st, 2012) (July 5th, 2012)
No. of Plugins/Extension Over 1000 Over 1500
No. Of online stores 1,25,000 1,50,000
Active Community Yes, with over 400000 members Yes
Popular sites using this platform Nike AU, UK NorthFace, Behr
No. of Twitter Followers 9474 29886
No. of FB Likes 22356 5335
Type of software Open-Source Open-Source
Most Popular in Countries France, Spain, Indonesia, Czech Republic India, Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine
Avg. Monthly maintenance cost $100 – $200.00 $150 – $350
Global Monthly Google Searches (exact) 1,65,000 2,01,000
Total Searches on Google 1,67,00,000 4,31,00,000
SEO Strength 3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Ease of Installation Easy Moderate
Ease of Customization Easy Moderate
No. of Features Over 310 Over 350
Suitable Hosting solution Shared / Cloud VPS Optimized VPS/Cloud/Dedicated servers
PCI Compliance Yes Yes
Who is it for? Store Owners, Developers, Designers Enterprises, Store Owners, Developers


Both shopping carts are extremely efficient and a great setup for an online store. It really depends on the site owner as to which shopping cart they feel comfortable handling for the maintenance of their e-commerce site. Each cart has a huge community, a good following and lots of knowledgebase and support articles. In my opinion, both shopping carts are great pieces of software and have their pluses and minuses; it?s hard for me to choose one over the other. I?ll leave that for you guys to decide!

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PrestaShop ? The best Ecommerce Solution for your Small Business

Prestashop banner

For running a small business now, you need an online presence. There are many, and I mean many, Ecommerce solutions out there which you can use to setup your online store. However, the one shopping cart that is leading from the front now is PrestaShop.

So What is PrestaShop?

In layman terms, PrestaShop is a free, open-source ecommerce shopping cart platform with tons of features that can be used to build an online store. It?s that simple!

Prestashop is an open source ecommerce solution, which means the software can be used, modified, and distributed the way you need. Since 2007, it has powered over 125,000 stores online and has over 300 dynamic features to fit the needs of business owners and developers. It is headquartered in Paris and has over 100 developers & designers constantly working to improve and maintain it. All of this work has helped them maintain the status of the #1 E-Commerce solution for businesses.

A Sneak Peek at PrestaShop:

– Winner of 2011 Open Source Business Application Award
– Over 125,000 stores, 300 features and 400,000 active community members
– Available in 56 languages and global presence in over 150 countries

PrestaShop Features:

Prestashop is a feature rich solution and comes with over 300 dynamic features. The set of features is the best compared to any other shopping cart in the industry. In case you do not find the feature that you are looking for, PrestaShop comes with over 1000 modules. So there is absolutely nothing that you want and PrestaShop will fail to deliver. Some of the features of PrestaShop are:

– Catalog Management
– Product Display
– Site Management
– Analytics and Reporting
– Marketing
– And much more!

PrestaShop as a store:

Speed: You may be wondering how PrestaShop can run with so many features and functionalities. Well, PrestaShop is built as a lightweight software program which makes it smooth and fast. If you install PrestaShop on cloud package, the store will not run, it will fly! That?s how lightweight PrestaShop is. If you ever experience problems with your PrestaShop running slowly, you can look at these helpful tips to make your PrestaShop Fast.

Security: For any online store, one of the biggest concerns is security. PrestaShop understands the importance of security and gives it utmost priority. PrestaShop supports SSL, cookie encryption, PCI Compliance and more. For more on how to secure PrestaShop, check out these great security tips

Theming: PrestaShop has many themes available, both free and paid. It is based on the famous Smart-template engine platform which lets PrestaShop handle multiple templates at one time. The themes are easy to build and maintain, and are good starting point for building the store. PrestaShop themes are pre-made and can be used to create a fully functional online store.

Hosting: PrestaShop can be hosted on shared, cloud vps, and dedicated servers. You can choose a PrestaShop hosting solution depending upon your need of server resources, store size and traffic. Shared PrestaShop hosting is good for a start, but as you store starts to grow it is highly recommended that you move your PrestaShop store to a VPS solution. With a PrestaShop Vps on the cloud, you have the flexibility to control the amount of resources you need for your store. Being lightweight software, PrestaShop literally flies when installed on cloud server.

PrestaShop Popularity:

Launched in 2007, PrestaShop has seen tremendous growth in popularity. Within 6 years, it has been used on over 125,000 stores and has a huge community of over 400,000 active members. Although it was started from Paris, it has become popular all over the world. Today, its stores are now present in over 150 countries. If you have an online store selling products, PrestaShop gives you the opportunity to go global by providing you with the option to develop stores in over 56 languages. Before 2007, the most popular shopping carts were Oscommerce and Magento. However, PrestaShop has caught on very quickly and even beat out OSCommerce.

Prestashop Comparison

Prestashop, OSCommerce, Magento — Google Trends Comparison

If we look at Google Trends, we can immediately see how PrestaShop has increased in Popularity. The Red line in the image above is PrestaShop which is catching up to the Blue line of Magento. The dotted lines at the end show forecast which indicate that PrestaShop will continue to increase in popularity.

So What Do You Do Now

If you are serious about your online business and in the market looking for a great Open Source Ecommerce Platform then your choice should be PrestaShop. Get a Free Installation of PrestaShop with your PrestaShop Hosting account and Launch your Store NOW!

Latest and the Best Version of PrestaShop v1.5.3 is out!

Prestashop, the up and coming most popular open source ecommerce shopping cart has released a new version 1.5.3. The community of Prestashop developers is very active and consists of a team of innovative people who constantly update and improve the store. With this zeal and eagerness to improve Prestashop and keep it on the top of list of open source ecommerce shopping cart, Prestashop has now made available the newest version for global use.

At Prestashop, they encourage criticism and collaboration from outside in order to improve the store. The new version has over 400 improvements and Prestashop is thankful to the community for suggestion. The new version of Prestashop makes it even more easier for online merchants to install, setup and manage their online business.

Highlights of the changes in v1.5.3
– Optimized Mobile theme v1.5
– Improved SEO with simplified URL’s
– Customer login issues fixed
– Improved cookie management
– Streamlined price and stock administration
– Redesigned 404 messages (You can now redirect shoppers to similar products when one product is out of stock)
– Several native partner modules have been simplified and improved

Existing Prestashop owner can easily upgrade their store without any hassle. New customers signin up for the Prestashop Hosting package will automatically get the newest version of Prestashop installed for them.

For more information regarding the upgrade and source of information click here!

7 Tips to Speed Up your PrestaShop Hosting

With the Internet growing so rapidly everyday, its important to capture your visitors attention immediately. Many different aspects of your website will help capture your users attention, but there is no question that a slow website is one of the key reasons why users immediately leave a website and won?t return. This all comes down to the setup of your PrestaShop Hosting account as well as the setup of your PrestaShop storefront itself. Speeding up your PrestaShop store is not easy and can get technical but we are more than happy to help our PrestaShop hosting customers. Here are some tips below to help you speed up your store.

1. Switch to the new directory free for Pictures

In PrestaShop v1.4, a new storage architecture is setup for pictures. The main goal is to avoid having 10,000 pictures in the same /img/p folder. Rather, the pictures will be spread into subfolders (ex: ?/img/p/1/2/?, etc.).
If you upgraded your shop from a previous version of PrestaShop, you need to do the following to take advantage of this improvement:
a. Go to your admin panel and click on the ?Preferences? tab, then ?Images?, look at the ?Move images? section
b. As the process can take a while, make sure that your server can run PHP scripts for more than 30 seconds. If you are not sure, ask your hosting provider.
c. Click on ?Move images?

2. Make sure your template engine Smarty is configured properly

d. Go to your admin panel and click on the ?Preferences? tab, then ?Performance?, look at the ?Smarty? section
e. Check that ?Force compile? is set to false
f. Check that ?Cache? is set to true

3. Enable CCC (Combine, Compress, Cache)

a. In your admin panel and click on the ?Preferences? tab, then ?Performance?, look at the ?CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache)? section
b. Enable everything except the ?High risk HTML compression?

4. Create sub-domains for Javascript files and CSS files

g. Create a sub-domain and ask your hosting provider to direct it to /js/
h. Create a sub-domain and ask your hosting provider to direct it to /theme/mytheme/js/
i. Create a sub-domain and ask your hosting provider to direct it to /css/
j. Create a sub-domain and ask your hosting provider to direct it to /theme/mytheme/css/
These 4 sub-domains will allow your visitors to load more files at the same time. Basically, a web-browser is limited to 8 parallel downloads. Each sub-domain is adding 8 new parallel downloads, so the total would be 40 (Main domain + 4 sub-domains).

5. Setup a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

We offer CloudFare to our customers as a free tool. CloudFare is an amazing tool and takes your website and saves it in different locations all around the world. So when users access your website from locations far away from your server, the heavy images are localized and everything else is loaded from the server as it would normally. This significantly speeds up your website.

6. Contact your web host and see if they offer Nginx.

Nginx can help speed up your web server and is much faster than Apache. Although we recommend Apache, this is a last resort step that can also help speed up your website.

7. Make sure your web host offers a fast high quality network and server environment

This is something often overlooked. Simply said if your web host is packing servers with lots of customers, it will simply slow down your website. So make sure you are hosting on a fast Cloud VPS or Dedicated server for a PrestaShop store. Cloud VPS is your best option as its easily scalable and offers incredible speed and uptime.

I hope that these tips have given you some valuable information as to ways to speed up your PrestaShop store. Feel free to contact us if you need help with speeding up your website.

How to Secure Your Prestashop Store:

Prestashop is a very popular shopping cart used by hundreds of people daily to create their online store. However, there are ways by which you can make your online store more secure with Prestashop.  Here is a good tutorial on how to secure your prestashop.Prestashop hosting by WebNet Hosting

Following are few tips on how to increase the security of your Prestashop store:

Restrict/Block access to the admin directory: You dont want anybody else accessing your admin section except yourself. In order to do so, you could rename your admin directory while installing Prestashop. You can also block the access to that directory for all IP addresses except yours. You can do this by using the Password Protect Directories option in your hosting cPanel.

Creating hard to hack/guess Admin Passwords: Create difficult passwords by combining upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols in your passwords.Secure your Prestashop store

Regular Backups: Performing regular backups is never a bad idea. Back up your PrestaShop on a regular basis, both the files on your account and the database. This can be down within cPanel’s Backups menu item. Its better to be safe than sorry.

Updates: Perform regular updates so that you have the latest and the stable version of Prestashop.

Install PrestaShop in its own database: Do not use the same database for many applications. Use a different username and password for each of your databases.

Correct Permissions: Make sure that the PrestaShop files and directories have the correct permissions. The usual usage is to assign 755 for directories and 644 for files.

Remove unnecessary add-ons: Upload and install only add-ons that you need for your store.

Protect template files: Have restricted access for your template files. You can do this by putting a rule in the .htaccess file that’s in the root PrestaShop directory.

SSL: Protect your important information using SSL encryption (e.g. order processing, login details).

Enable Check IP: Enable the Check IP on cookie setting. It should be enabled by default. You can check this from the backend of your PrestaShop (Preferences tab).

Enable security tokens: Keep the security tokens setting enabled. The setting can be enabled and disabled from the backend of your store (Preferences tab>Increase Front Office security).

Chose your Ciphering Algorithm: The default ciphering algorithms are Mcrypt and the BlowFish class. You can choose the one you like as per your preference. You can do this from the backend of your PrestaShop (Preferences tab>Performance sub-tab>Ciphering section). This won’t really have much of an effect in terms of security and performance. Nevertheless, this setting gives you some choice on what to use.

Enable country specific restriction: You can restrict access to your store for visitors from particular countries. You can do this with the geolocation tool that’s included in PrestaShop (Preferences tab>Geolocation sub-tab).

By following these above steps, you will greatly increase the security of your Prestashop store and make it difficult for hackers. Remember, If you need any help related to high speed Prestashop Hosting or support, make sure to check WebNet Hosting Prestashop plans.

Prestashop Overview

Prestashop is considered to be the best e-commerce solutions for small and medium sized enterprises wanting to join the e-commerce bandwagon. Since its launch in 2007, the PrestaShop community has grown to over 3,00,000 community members who are dedicated towards improving the e-commerce solution by enhancing its features and functionalities. Prestashop is powered by Php and MySQL and is based on the Smarty Template Engine.  Read more to find out about PrestaShop Overview.

Product Management
Product management has been made extremely easy with Prestashop. It offers a myriad of ways to manage products of your online store. You can sell as many products as you want through PrestaShop. It offers different ways through which your customers can view products and make better purchase decisions. Prestashop also uses AJAX so that customers can easily search and get information about different products.

Site Management
Site Management is never a simple task however with Prestashop you can say goodbye to all your site management problems. This wonderful e-commerce solution allows you to easily add/delete/modify content, product displays and much more. Using its powerful site management features you can easily change languages as per your needs and requirements.

Catalog Management
The catalogue management features allow online store owners to easily sell unlimited number of products in the manner they want. Prestashop has got all the necessary catalogue management features that make order, inventory and product management quite easier and simpler.

Prestashop has got every feature that allows you to up-sell and cross-sell products. It helps you improve conversion rates, increase sales and overall profitable.

Every e-commerce store needs to be search engine optimized in order to get maximum visibility. With Prestashop?s in-built features you can easily get good search engine rankings for your store.

Payment and Shipping
Prestashop offers numerous options for payments and shipping so that your customers can easily make payments in the most secured as well as convenient manner. It also offers good taxes system which allows you to localize taxes based on products.

Security is the most important part of your online store because based on the security of your store, your customers decide whether to shop or migrate to another site.

Currently Presatshop is the number one choice for store owners. It is easy to use and you can get your up and ready in no time. However, it is also essential to have a web hosting Provider to support your Prestashop store. Be sure to checkout our Prestashop hosting packages via our website at WebNet Hosting.  Hope you enjoyed our article about PrestaShop Overview.

Prestashop is one of the most popular shopping cart application online with over 115000 stores

Prestashop is an open source shopping cart application originally developed in France, which helps you to create website and manage them with ease. Since its beginning, Prestashop gained popularity within the ecommerce community as a shopping cart because of the wide variety of features list it offers and its ease of use. There are several shopping carts available in the market based on the open source format, however Prestashop is becoming the most popular of them all. High Speed Prestashop hosting by WebNet Hosting

In 2011, Prestashop crossed the milestone of 100000 online stores. The shopping cart is making its mark in over 150 countries and is available in 43 different languages. Every day more than 230 new online stores are created in the world with Prestashop. In France, 42 new websites every day chose Prestashop. The ecommerce shopping cart has a plethora of shopping cart application, some are free while others have a license fee. What makes Prestashop stand out among all the other shopping cart is an extensive features list. It is powerful, free, secure and fast which makes selling online easier. The features list is very long with over 275 added features and over 2000 modules and templates available. This gives store owners the flexibility to customize the store as per their needs and requirements. Following are some of the features of Prestashop
Product Management
Site Management
Catalog Management
Payment and Shipping

Store owners are downloading and using Prestashop to build their online store. However, once the site is built, it also needs to be hosted on a server. Prestashop is a huge software and it requires lots of resources on the server. Having a High Speed Servers by WebNet Hostingslow server could slow down your website. WebNet Hosting are leaders in providers high quality and high speed Prestashop hosting. Our technical team and servers can support an online store of any size and traffic. Hence, if you are looking to set up an online store and are in the market searching for a shopping cart application, Prestashop is the way to go!

Prestashop Tutorials on YouTube Channel

Prestashop Tutorials is an award-winnng ecommerce Shopping cart based on the OS Commerce. The Shopping cart has over 275 features. We have created a set up 12 Prestashop tutorial video to make it easier for you to understand and get familiar with shopping cart. All these tutorials are available on the Prestashop hosting YouTube channel by WebNet Hosting.

The following video tutorials are available on the YouTube Channel

  1. How to Install Prestashop
  2. How to backup and restore your database in PrestashopHow to setup special promotions in Prestashop
  3. How to add Products to your store in Prestashop
  4. How to add product categories to your store in Prestashop
  5. How to setup product attributes in Prestashop
  6. How to configure payment methods in Prestashop
  7. How to create tags in Prestashop
  8. How to change tax rates in Prestashop
  9. How to manage your customers in Prestashop
  10. How to configure shipping methods in Prestashop
  11. How to setup special promotions in Prestashop
  12. How to use the CMS in Prestashop

WebNet Hosting is recognized for Providing High Speed Prestashop Hosting. In order to help our clients, WebNet considered it as their responsibility to have these tutorials created as it will immensely help the store owners to customize the Prestashop shopping cart as per their needs.