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WebNet Hosting Joins Internet Advocacy and Innovation Leader i2Coalition

WebNet Hosting announces decision to join a league of industry leaders in a unified coalition to raise awareness about-and advocate for-the Internet and the forces that establish web infrastructure. As a cohesive group of standard-setting technology and Internet-based outlets, the Internet Infrastructure Coalition hopes to influence policy makers and promote public awareness.

WebNet Hosting, a fully managed dedicated server and cloud hosting provider, has announced today that the company has joined forces with other leaders in the industry as a member of the Internet Infrastructure Coalition (i2Coalition).

The i2Coalition is made up of U.S. and international Internet infrastructure providers and technology firms that share a common mission to promote the growth, freedom and vitality of the Internet and the Internet infrastructure industry. The coalition focuses on facilitating “public policy, education and advocacy” as well as developing market-driven standards formed by the consensus of industry experts, giving the trade a unified voice.

After meeting with the members of the i2Coalition at HostingCon 2013 in Austin TX, the WebNet Hosting team decided to become a part of the collaborative movement to influence policy makers and the general public in an effort to serve as one of the industry?s leading voices of the Internet and the Internet infrastructure industries. WebNet Hosting CEO PJ Taei states that the company “is proud to be a part of i2Coalition and supports them in their effort.” He went on to state: “Being part of a community that supports Internet freedom is good for everyone.” Watch the complete interview of PJ on YouTube.

About WebNet Hosting
WebNet Hosting has been a leading global dedicated server hosting provider for over a decade. The company is known for their solid hosting solutions and extensive assistance and customer support. To learn more about the i2Coalition, visit

WebNet Hosting Offers Up to 50% off on its Current Cloud VPS Hosting Plans

WebNet Hosting expands its hosting solution accessibility by offering 50% off of the first month for all of its Linux Cloud VPS Hosting plans.

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) May 01, 2013 ? The fully managed cloud VPS server by WebNet Hosting offers all of the benefits of a cloud server and more. WebNet?s cloud VPS hosting gives customers a private server, with the guarantee of selected resources typical of VPS technology at their disposal. Hosting clients also get this package along with the redundancy of cloud storage.

Cloud VPS hosting servers are ideal for hosting clients that require the control of a dedicated server, coupled with the affordability and simplicity of a traditional shared hosting account. Experience the ultimate in cloud VPS hosting, with the ability to experience the full integration of cloud level, complete with on-demand scalability, full redundancy and the unlimited availability of resources and CPU.

The experts at WebNet Hosting know that each client is unique, which is why they gladly offer six different VPS hosting solution configurations to suit the specific needs of individual clients. The options offered scale from 1 CPU to 6 CPU, and from 1 GB of RAM to 6 GB of RAM. Disk space is available from 30 GB to 200 GB, with many options in between, and bandwidth offered is available in 1 TB, 3 TB, 5 TB, 10 TB, 15 TB, and 25 TB.

The cloud is the way of the future. VPS hosting in the cloud is a revolutionary take on traditional hosting, and this solution is now being offered at a competitive price through WebNet Hosting. Customers can take advantage of this 50% off offer by using the coupon code: 50OFFCLOUD. Along with reduced pricing, WebNet Hosting offers 24/7/365 technical support to fulfill all the needs of their clients at anytime.

WebNet Hosting has successfully empowered over 10,000 customers in their last decade of serving as a leading global hosting provider. The company is a premier source for online media streaming, such as ShoutCast Hosting for online radio and Wowza for live video. Based in Arlington, VA, WebNet Hosting offers fully managed cloud VPS and dedicated server hosting solutions to their customer base.

World’s Most Popular SEO Service Now Offered at WebNet Hosting

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 27, 2013 – WebNet Hosting – one of the leading providers of specialized web hosting services (e.g. various types of audio, video and FFMpeg hosting) has partnered with Attracta – the world’s most popular SEO (search engine optimization) service.

The arrangement between WebNet Hosting and Attracta has one main goal – to make SEO and building an online presence in reach of every small business website that doesn’t have any additional budget to hire an SEO company.

“The competition in today’s internet grows every day, no matter what kind of business your website is meant to promote. The only difficulty is that most small business owners don’t have much additional funds to hire professional SEO experts,” said PJ Taei – president of WebNet Hosting. “By using solutions like Attracta, everyone can get an edge when entering the world of online marketing.”

The way Attracta integrates with the hosting accounts at WebNet Hosting is almost transparent from the user’s point of view. The tools can be found and accessed through the standard administration panel (cPanel). Additionally, each client can sign up for a free account at Attracta’s official website.

Attracta is also known for making a difference in the market by allowing users to claim top listings in Google Local. Many people report that the service has brought their businesses new clients who wouldn’t have found them otherwise.

“We really want to make this easy to use. Most of our small business users don’t have expertise in online technology, working with scripts or optimization software. Our most important goal is to make basic SEO available to everyone,” said Taei. “These days, over 80% of consumers use the web to search for local products and services. That’s why having an online presence is so important.”

The set of newly available features and benefits includes: Google backlink check (allowing each client to find out the condition their site is in according to Google), link building (inclusion in the Business Directory at Attracta), easy script installs (scripts like Google Analytics installed with a couple of clicks on any website), and more.

WebNet Hosting specializes in various forms of web hosting services. Apart from the basic shared hosting platforms, the company also offers a wide range of task-optimized plans, like: audio hosting, VPS hosting, video hosting (e.g. FFMpeg hosting), and media streaming servers (e.g. Wowza hosting).

One more interesting fact about this partnership is that all these new features are available to all WebNet Hosting clients for no additional charge (including new clients). The new tools can be accessed anytime and used on any hosting plan.

For more information on the partnership between WebNet Hosting and Attracta please visit:

About WebNet Hosting:

Celebrating our 10th year in business in 2012, WebNet Hosting is an industry leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, eCommerce web hosting. Privately held and based in Arlington VA, the company was founded in 2002 by Founder & current Chairman PJ Taei. Fore more visit 

About Attracta:

Attracta is a California-based company providing search engine visibility services in more than 90 countries worldwide. For more visit

WebNet Hosting Partners With CloudFlare to Give Their Clients a Completely New, Free Service

Washington, DC (PRWEB) February 5, 2013 – WebNet Hosting – leading provider in specialized web hosting solutions (PrestaShop hosting, SHOUTcast hosting and video hosting) has partnered with CloudFlare – the online security and performance giant.

The goal of the partnership is to provide WebNet Hosting clients with a completely new service, which will make their sites load twice as fast and protect them from all kinds of online hacker attacks and spammers.

This bold statement is something that both the CloudFlare CEO and WebNet Hosting president guarantee can be backed up with raw data.

“We realize that the issue of site speed is getting more and more important every day. This becomes apparent with Google striking down on slow sites, and users’ willingness to wait for a site to load decreasing dramatically,” said PJ Taei, president of WebNet Hosting. “This is why we’ve chosen CloudFlare to be our partner and help us in delivering the best service we can.”

Taei continues: “Promising that we can make a website twice as fast may seem like something that’s hard to believe, but quite simply it is the average result most users experience when using CloudFlare with a good and reliable web hosting account.”

WebNet Hosting is known in the market for their specialized audio and video FFmpeg hosting services, as well as platform-specific hosting, including environments optimized for WordPress and Joomla.

CloudFlare runs 23 data centers strategically located around the world, which are primarily designed to supercharge websites and improve their security regardless of their size. Once a website is a part of CloudFlare, its traffic gets routed through CloudFlare’s infrastructure.

One of the most interesting aspects of this partnership is that the whole service and all of its benefits are available for free (for all hosting plans and types), and they don’t require any long or short term commitment.

Furthermore, clients do not have to take care of any difficult setup process. CloudFlare works as a service-on-demand, which means that every client can activate it on their WebNet Hosting account with a couple of clicks.

“One more thing that we’re proud of is that this new CloudFlare integration works really well with our PrestaShop hosting packages and connects to our fast and reliable infrastructure transparently from the client’s point of view,” said Taei.

The service is available to all new clients who sign up to WebNet Hosting. There are no restrictions or hidden requirements. Moreover, apart from the service itself, WebNet Hosting also provides specialized support and documentation.

About WebNet Hosting:
Celebrating our 10th year in business in 2012, WebNet Hosting is an industry leading provider of Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated, eCommerce web hosting. Privately held and based in Arlington VA, the company was founded in 2002 by Founder & current Chairman PJ Taei. Fore more visit

About CloudFlare:
CloudFlare protects and accelerates any website online. Once your website is a part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network. Fore more on CloudFlare visit

E-Commerce Experts Join Forces to Launch the New Miva Merchant and E-Commerce Community Website ?

The Miva Merchant hosted shopping cart platform provided by WebNet Hosting is revered as the most reliable, affordable and customizable cart application for e-commerce businesses. WebNet Hosting has created as a new one-stop site for all things related to the Miva Merchant and e-commerce communities. MM5Central is devoted to providing online storeowners, developers and those involved in the e-commerce industry with engaging and unrivaled Miva Merchant content and resources.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) May 18, 2010 — MM5Central connects the e-commerce industry and the Miva Merchant community with the tools they need in order to run a successful online business. With the information provided by this powerful new website, storeowners will be able to learn how they can make their websites function on their terms and make their sites work for them, rather than the other way around. is the new one-stop source for video tutorials,  articles, interviews, reviews and much more regarding the Miva Merchant  shopping cart application and Miva Web Hosting as well as the e-commerce  industry. is the new one-stop source for video tutorials, articles, interviews, reviews and much more regarding the Miva Merchant shopping cart application and Miva Web Hosting as well as the e-commerce industry. is the Ultimate Resource for the Miva Merchant & E-Commerce Communities.

Miva Merchant is a module-based shopping cart software that operates primarily on a template basis. There are numerous developers that are continuously producing new modules, store skins and scripts to give storeowners the opportunity to tailor their sites to their exact specifications. This is something that other shopping carts on the market do not provide.

MM5Central does the dirty work for their users. They weed through the current modules on the market and provide visitors with reviews of the best modules available for various tasks. With Miva?s powerful Store Morph Technology (SMT), owners of online storefronts can completely modify each and every page of their website. Furthermore, with Miva?s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) templates, storeowners can easily assign meta tags and descriptions to their pages.

For over ten years, Miva Merchant has been widely recognized as the most customizable and user-friendly shopping cart on the market with its first-rate features and countless available modules. Now, Miva Merchant 5, in conjunction with WebNet Hosting, is embracing the future of e-commerce by offering fully PCI Compliant Miva Merchant Hosting and PA-DSS certification of the Miva cart platform.

The PA-DSS requires all shopping cart applications to adhere to strict security guidelines in order to make the Internet a safe and trusted marketplace for credit card transactions and other confidential information. With their latest release, Miva Merchant is now 100% compliant with the PA-DSS (well before the July 1st, 2010 deadline). For merchants using carts that are not PA-DSS certified, now is the perfect time to transfer your website to a Miva Web Hosting account with WebNet Hosting in order to guarantee total compliance. Transfers as well as the Miva license (a $995 value) are free and WebNet Hosting will also provide any client that opens a new account with a free Miva Skin (a $250 value).

The world of e-commerce is constantly changing and evolving. It can be extremely difficult to keep up with it all. MM5Central pledges to stay on top of the current trends, software updates and Miva modules in order to provide the Miva community with the most up to date information available. Everything an online storeowner needs to know is merely a click away. Users are encouraged to submit questions, comments and articles to MM5Central?s expert staff via the site?s Miva Wiki feature. delivers all of the following and more:

·   Miva Video Tutorials
·   The Top 10 Miva Modules
·   Product Reviews
·   Articles Written by Miva Experts
·   Technical Support
·   The Miva Wiki
·   Interviews
·   Success Stories
·   Managed Miva Hosting

Are you getting the most out of your Miva?

About has been developed and is fully supported by WebNet Hosting, Premier Partner Miva Merchant Web Hosting providers since 2004. This is a site dedicated to the Miva Merchant and e-commerce communities in order to help online business owners of any size operate more effectively. The distinguished MM5Central team strives to be a friendly and accessible group of experts that always puts their clients first. Established or prospective online storeowners need to search no further than WebNet Hosting for all of their web hosting, e-commerce and shopping cart solutions.

WebNet Hosting Presents Valuable Freebies to Clients: Get a Free Miva Merchant Store Skin, Miva License and Site Setup When a New E-Commerce Account is Created

WebNet Hosting and Miva Merchant have teamed up to offer both new and existing clients a Miva store skin at no additional cost when they sign up for a new Miva account with WebNet Hosting. Skins are a simple way to make your website look and feel highly professional and stand out from the competition. WebNet Hosting offers e-commerce merchants a variety of web hosting solutions for any size business on fast and reliable shared and dedicated servers.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) March 4, 2010 – WebNet Hosting, a Premier Partner with Miva Merchant since 2002, is launching an exclusive promotion for any client that signs up for a new Miva Hosting account. When a new e-commerce account is created, the client will be presented with a Miva skin of their choice at no cost. This is in addition to the multitude of other freebies new WebNet e-commerce clients already receive including a free Miva Merchant license (a $995 value!), free upgrades to Miva Merchant 5.5 from older versions and free store setup and site transfer from previous hosts.

Miva Merchant’s innovative skin templates give e-commerce storeowners the ability to easily create a highly professional site with no costly outsourcing to web developers or purchasing of third-party modules. Miva skins are graphical interfaces that change the look and feel of a website without altering the way in which the site functions or operates. Skins are of a strictly visual nature and are easily installed to any Miva Merchant 5.5 store. There are skins available for vendors of a diverse assortment of products and services ranging from restaurants, travel agencies and jewelry stores to music retailers and scrap booking supply retailers.

To browse the many available skins for Miva Merchant stores, visit the Miva Merchant Skin Store. Exclusive buttons, backgrounds, banners and images are also included with your free skin. Miva skins are designed to take your online business to the next level without costing an arm and a leg.

Based in the Washington, DC metro area, WebNet Hosting has been a Premier Partner with Miva Merchant since 2004. With their unrivaled customer service, top-notch technical support and bulletproof network, the WebNet Hosting has reinforced their position as the leaders in managed e-commerce hosting solutions and have been touted as the top Miva Merchant Hosts on the net. WebNet Hosting’s clients are guaranteed 100% uptime thanks to their secure, state-of-the-art data centers and lightning fast servers.

WebNet Hosting offers their customers fully customizable managed shared Miva Merchant Hosting plans starting as low as $24.95 per month and industry leading Dedicated Miva Hosting packages starting at $199 per month. Furthermore, the migration of existing stores onto the WebNet servers from previous hosts is a painless and seamless process with zero downtime. The WebNet team will walk storeowners through the transfer process and guarantees speedy setup for both new and preexisting storefronts.

All of WebNet Hosting’s e-commerce packages include the following features:

·   PCI Compliant Hosting Platform (including the new PA-DSS)
·   Free Miva Merchant 5.5 License (a $995 Value)
·   Upgrades from older Miva sites to version 5.5
·   Free Migration from previous hosts with no downtime
·   Daily Full Backups
·   Spam and Virus Protection
·   24/7/365 Technical Phone Support with instant response
·   cPanel Automated Control Panel
·   MySQL, PHP 4/5, CGI, Perl
·   Webmail
·   ?Plus over Fifty Additional Features!

To setup a new Miva account and receive your free store skin as well as a free Miva license, free site transfer and store setup, call 1-877-503-HOST (4678) today.

About WebNet Hosting, LLC:
WebNet Hosting offers hassle-free Miva Merchant Web Hosting for any size business as well as basic hosting services. The distinguished WebNet team strives to be a friendly and accessible group of experts that always puts the client first. As a premier partner with Miva Merchant since 2004, WebNet Hosting has become an expert in the e-commerce hosting sector. Established or prospective online storeowners need to search no further than WebNet Hosting LLC for all of their web hosting and shopping cart solutions.

PJ Taei, CEO
WebNet Hosting LLC

Miva Merchant Announces Innovative New Features and Strategic Partnership with AccurateTax

Miva Merchant?s online shopping cart software has some innovative new features and upgrades brewing!

  1. A new Wombat for Miva Merchant 5.5 is now in Beta Testing.
  2. A new partnership with AccurateTax has been created in order to aid store-owners with tax calculations.

The exciting new features included in the Wombat and the AccurateTax partnership are designed to help store-owners take their businesses to the next level by increasing functionality and saving time and headaches.

Anyone with a fully up to date Miva Merchant 5.5 store can test the new Wombat beta and make suggestions to the Miva team on how to better these new components. Since the Wombat is only in the beta stages, Miva does recommend that store-owners initially install and test the Wombat on a developmental copy of their store to make sure everything runs and functions properly. The Wombat can be simply installed from the streaming update menu in the user’s global settings.

Key features included in the Wombat beta are:

  • Order Management with Advanced Credit Card Features
  • Label Printing for UPS, USPS (Fed Ex will be included in the final version)
  • Address Line 2 for Billing, Shipping and Databases
  • Order Status and History Fields

Remember that the features included in this Wombat will be available as a streaming update with the production release (after the beta and developmental process). You do not have to be involved in the beta testing and pre-development stages in order to enjoy the new features ? you simply need to wait until the Wombat is released as an official update to your store.

In addition to the Wombat beta release, there is some more exciting news in the Miva Host world! As a result of the often complicated and confusing sales tax rules that face online merchants, Miva Merchant has joined forces with AccurateTax ? a leading provider of sales tax software. The goal of this partnership is to make tax computations within the shopping cart. This tax plug-in ensures that stores are calculating the correct taxes for the right state(s) and are up to date with the ever-changing rules and laws concerning the calculation of sales tax. Furthermore, online store-owners need not worry that this module will slow down their sites because most of the work is completed on AccurateTax?s servers.

For more details and instructions regarding the Wombat and AccurateTax, please visit the Miva Merchant website and forums.

As Strategic Partners, WebNet Hosting LLC and Miva Merchant Provide E-Commerce Sites with Full PCI PA-DSS Compliance

As of July 2010, all e-commerce sites must be compliant with the PCI PA-DSS in order to avoid being shutdown or penalized with expensive fines. The Miva Merchant Hosting plans offered by WebNet Hosting present businesses with a thoroughly secure online shopping cart program. Webnet Hosting’s business web hosting plans come complete with all the tools that online store-owners need in order to protect themselves and their customers to the utmost level.

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) September 18, 2009 — As a premier provider of the Miva Merchant Hosting online shopping cart program, WebNet Hosting is equipped to provide all online merchants with exactly what they need in order to be fully PCI and PA-DSS compliant. To be fully compliant with the PA-DSS is extremely important because those that are found to be non-compliant can be leveraged with serious fines ranging from $5,000 to as much as $100,000 per month.

The PCI, or Payment Card Industry, is a group of all major credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and JCB) that have united together in order to combat fraud and establish security guidelines regarding shopping, bill payment and banking on the Internet. The PA-DSS is the Payment Applications – Data Security Standard, which once compliant, allows merchants to accept Visa as a payment method.

Not only do these rules protect shoppers and online merchants, they help the credit card companies who report losses of over $1 billion per year. That is some pretty serious coin to be losing every year mostly due to online credit fraud. Establishing a sense of trust and security is vital to the Internet if it is to be a friendly and respected place of commerce.

The fundamental rule of the PCI guidelines is to maintain a secure network with proper firewalls and password protection in place. Furthermore e-commerce sites must perform virus scans and ensure that their anti-virus software is updated on a regular basis. Perhaps most importantly, all customer personal and confidential information must be encrypted and kept secure. This type of information includes credit card details, email and mailing addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers and anything else considered personal and private. Companies such as those providing web hosting services must make sure to regularly test and monitor their security sites to avoid hackers gaining access to their clients’ accounts.

Basic web hosting providers along with payment process software application creators and online store-owners are responsible for making certain their stores are following the PCI PA-DSS rules. With the advent of identity theft and online credit card fraud coinciding with the rise in commerce on the web, it is imperative that the rules established by the PCI be followed. This is where WebNet Hosting, LLC stands out – they provide E-Commerce Miva Hosting packages that are fully guaranteed to be entirely PCI Compliant and up to date. In our modern world, getting their grimy hands on confidential information is big business for hackers and that is why customers need to have companies like WebNet Hosting to watch their backs by taking all the necessary steps against malicious predators of all natures.

As any merchant can attest, it takes a great deal of work to operate a popular and successful online business. Quite possibly the most central key to a successful business is establishing a sense of trust between the merchant and their customers. Once trust exists, customers will undoubtedly return again and again and long-term relationships will be established. On the flip side, if that trust is not there or tampered with by compromising a customer’s sensitive data then that business will most likely lose a customer for life and begin gaining a bad reputation. In order to have a business with true integrity, full PCI compliance is necessary and as of July 2010, legal. To view web hosting plans that are fully PCI compliant please go to

About WebNet Hosting, LLC:
Since their inception in 2002, WebNet Hosting has been distinguished as an industry leading basic web and Miva Host. All of their E-Commerce packages are fully PCI PA-DSS Compliant.

Over the past seven years, WebNet Hosting has fortified themselves as an unrivaled leader in the hosting community by providing 24/7/365 friendly customer support with a 99.99% uptime guarantee for all of their hosted sites.

PJ Taei, CEO
WebNet Hosting LLC

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WebNet Hosting LLC Offers New Range of Hosting Tools

Following the recent re-launch of WebNet Hosting‘s primary website, the Rockville, MD based hosting firm has begun offering a new suite of tools for the small business webmaster.

The Website Editor Tool allows customers a great degree of control over the look, feel and structure of their site without expensive web development software or labor hours. The application allows users to edit major sections of their site through a simplified GUI, enabling those not skilled with HTML, Java, or their derivatives to construct major changes to the site. This system is included with the Business Builder, Reseller, and E-Commerce accounts.

Site Studio offers a prepackaged set of templates for webmasters to rapidly generate a complete web site from the ground up. This toolset is known as Site Studio, and offers over 600 separate template themes for users to build off of. Over 1,100 of WebNet Hosting customers have used this system to launch their web presence.

Urchin Version 5 is a powerful site-statistics monitoring tool, enabling users to manage and monitor site traffic data. Urchin allows webmasters to not only track site traffic, but also provides facilities for in-depth traffic demographic monitoring – browser type, link activation density, and individual page popularity. There are over 100 separate report types in all. Urchin V5 is standard with WebNet Hosting‘s E-Customize and Business Builder e-commerce and hosting plans.

Wordpress is another integral application offered and supported by WebNet Hosting for their clients. Wordpress enables the webmaster to construct a blogging system and interface, structure a complete forum system, and publish polls and surveys to individual web pages. Support for Wordpress is universal across all of WebNet Hosting offered plans and services.

cPanel: Finally, WebNet Hosting provides cPanel as a primary means of site control and maintenance. This system provides an easy-to-use, fully-automated means of site management. Users can construct an e-mail system and set-up accounts, control advertising and fight unwanted spam, enable auto response emails, automate billing, and view site statistics. cPanel is an industry-standard program designed for maximum functionality and customer support transparency, and is provided as standard with every hosting plan WebNet Hosting offers.

Miva Merchant 5.5 is the leader in PCI Compliant shopping carts. It is flexible, reliable, expandable and fully customizable to any extent, and most important of all it is easy to use and learn. Miva Merchant 5.5 full license is included in all Miva Merchant Hosting packages offered by WebNet Hosting.

WebNet Hosting LLC Announces Miva Migration Special Offer

WebNet Hosting, LLC, is a Rockville, MD based Miva Merchant Hosting and support provider. WebNet has been a Miva Merchant Premier Partner since 2002, and currently maintains thousands of e-commerce accounts spread across several dozen servers.

Recently, WebNet Hosting has begun to offer a number of Miva Merchant Hosting packages, tailored to users with different levels of volume. The most popular package, the E-Customize system, runs a Miva Merchant user $44.95 per month and offers a great degree of flexibility and utility, with 60GB/month transfer rates and over 3GB of storage space. Site statistics monitoring through Urchin is included as standard and QuickBooks integration is fully supported. Finally, WebNet Hosting’s track record and experience ensures their confidence in offering a 100% uptime guarantee.

Miva Merchant is a first-tier shopping cart interface, with hundreds of thousands of current users. The software has been in widespread use for much of the past decade, but achieved its most widespread success with Miva Merchant version 5.0 and beyond.

Miva Merchant 5.5 represents a complete refresh of the platform, instituting a host of powerful new features as well as a completely redesigned user interface. New tools available to storefront operators include weight/attribute variables, smart commerce library detection, improved inventory tracking, and more effective tools for promoting up sells. Customer account management and interactivity are also greatly expanded.

One key component is Miva Merchant’s new Store Morph basic GUI for users to rapidly and painlessly generate, manipulate and customize the visual elements of their site. This toolset enables users leery of expensive web design contracting work to exert a new level control over the visual appearance of their own site.

With Miva Merchant 5.5, database functionality is vastly expanded, allowing not only for the import and export of product information but also customer information and invoice histories. SQL compatibility is also improved, allowing users to not only run the MIVA-SQL proprietary format but also to utilize a greater range of MySQL database tools.

The module system popular with legacy Miva users has been updated; payment modules in particular have received a great deal of attention, offering increased ease-of-use and compatibility with webhost-side payment gateways. Perhaps most importantly, the Miva Merchant Payment module is proprietary and native to the software; this system provides a complete payment gateway solution with first-rate payment protection and security.

Typically, an upgrade from legacy versions of Miva Merchant will cost a customer well into the multiple hundreds of dollars; however, WebNet Hosting is offering this upgrade and their services in migrating Miva users’ content free-of-charge for new accounts.