How to Speed Up Your Prestashop Store

Posted on 22 August, 2012 by Boney

Prestashop is an award-winning e-commerce solution having won the Best Open Source Business Application. Having been distributed under the open source license, Prestashop now powers thousands and thousands of online stores across the globe. It is also backed by an active community of developers who frequently develop various add-ons for extending the functionalities of Prestashop. Currently, PrestaShop has around 275 e-commerce features that make online business an easier and simpler affair for online merchants.

Web surfers are very impatient. Having to wait for a website to load is annoying, users are used to getting information quickly. A website is often the first point of communication between your online store and your potential customers. Even though you are receiving a phone call about your product or service, it is highly likely that the person on the other end of the call has already visited your website.

Google is also very particular about a website load speed. Having a slow loading website also affects rankings on Google. On many occasions, Google has announced that they use a website?s initial load speed as one of the many ranking factors for their search engine. Hence it is extremely important to have a website that loads fast and¬† does not have long wait times. Slow websites are a test of users’ patience and more than often users get irritated and either close the browser or move away to a different site.

Prestashop is an award-winning shopping cart based on the OSCommerce platform, however running the shopping cart uses up a good amount of resources on the server. Hence it is essential to have a web server that can process requests at a faster speed, and provides faster loading time for your web pages. The Prestashop hosting package provided by WebNet Hosting is a good example. We provide high speed Prestashop hosting and 100% up-time guaranteed. Moreover we will also help you migrate your existing Prestashop store from a slow host onto their high speed server at no extra cost. A faster store means more online orders and thus more income, that?s a fact.

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Posted on 22 August, 2012 by Boney

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