Mobile Hardware Wars Heating Up With Amazon’s Newest Addition: Fire Phone

Posted on 23 July, 2014 by Courtney Senecal

Hardware Wars Heating Up: Battles Rage in Court and Among Consumers Over Mobile Technology

Experts call Nokia?s 1996 communicator the first smartphone, a platform introduced a full decade before Apple?s revolutionary iPhone. Regardless of who showed up first, everyone?s rushing to get there now.

Fire On High?Amazon Joins the Smartphone Fray

Amazon's new FirePhone aims to capitalize on the web giant's massive content database.

Amazon’s new FirePhone aims to capitalize on the web giant’s massive content database.

Amazon just released its new Fire Phone, the latest competitor in a crowded market. While industry giants like Samsung and Apple may not feel the need to worry over it, many smaller hardware developers like HTC, Blackberry (they still exist?), and LG have every reason to be disturbed.

Coming to Work With the Right Tools: How Low Margins Turn Into High Sales

Unlike many other hardware startups, Amazon has a number of developments working in its favor:

— A Dedicated Library?Amazon offers access to one of the largest repositories of online content in the world, curated by a well-tracked, well-informed customer base. That means Amazon can offer more content for its devices right off the bat, an important consideration for any newcomer.

— A Motherlode of Consumer Data?celebrating their two-decade anniversary this month [July], Amazon possesses a truly vast database of consumer spending habits, data that will help the company target its newest product in the most effective fashion possible (they already offer almost every other smartphone option for purchase through their website?which means they can track which carriers, hardware and services are most popular).

— Pre-existing Software?Amazon already possesses a formidable collection of software, one that?s been honed overtime based on consumer feedback. A customized Android operating system, an apps marketplace and an e-commerce system that have stood the test of time all give Amazon the leg-up over a lot of their competition.

All that means is that Amazon is going to be spending pennies on the dollar for services many consumers count on as commonplace?that allows them to pass those savings on to the people who buy their phones.

The Garden Grows, Just Not Apples?From Innovator to Old School

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a legal battle over mobile patent rights since the inception of the first iPhone, and there seems to be no end in sight. Both companies have spent hundreds of millions dollars, in dozens of international court systems, literally to no avail?a stalemate not seen on this scale since, well, ever.

Yeah, it?s that serious. People aren?t dying, and fallow lands aren?t being razed in the name of a foreign king, but Apple and Samsung are wrestling for domination of the single largest slice of the consumer market in human history! These legal decisions directly affect over 12% of the world?s population?something no one could have seen coming when Steve Jobs trotted his first iPhone out of the purple dorm in 2007.

Ease of Access Means Profits in Excess: Why the Mobile Market is the Retail Holy Grail

I think the numbers speak for themselves here:

WEBNet MH Blog Infographic 1

 WEBNet MH Blog Infographic 2

As you can see, pretty much everyone is doing it. If retailers want to capture the attention of potential customers, they know that the most effective way to do it is through the screen on their smartphone?one of the many reasons Amazon has decided to join the competition with its new Fire Phone. Stay tuned in the coming months to see how the battle shakes out.

In 2013, global consumers brought the number of smartphones on the market to over 1 billion?and analysts suggest that the next billion may not be far behind.




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Posted on 23 July, 2014 by Courtney Senecal

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