Web hosting services since 2002

Celebrating our 10th year in business in 2012, WebNet Hosting first launched as a web hosting provider specializing in e-commerce hosting for various businesses. By 2008, we were hosting over 3,000 websites around the world, ranging from auto services, clothing sites, law firms, video service providers and much more.


The vast customer base that we host has led us to begin providing additional services, including website services such as online marketing, branding, advertising, web design and web development.

By 2014, WebNet Hosting had over 6,000 customers in 77 countries. We help our customers with a full range of services and pride ourselves on providing awesome customer service. Our complete staff, including technical support, is located in Rockville, Maryland, just 40 minutes from Washington DC.

Company at a Glance

Founded in 2002

Privately Held & Profitable

6,000 customers in 77 countries

A+ BBB Rating since its inception

100% Network Uptime since 2004

HIPPA & PCI Compliant Hosting Environment

Our Data Centers

We operate out of three data centers, two of which are located in the USA and one is in Amsterdam, NL. All three data centers are military grade with dual redundancy on power, connectivity, and cooling.

Redundant Premium Bandwidth

We have teamed up with the highest quality Internet connectivity providers to provide our customers with the highest quality bandwidth available. We have direct connectivity with AT&T, Savvis, Level3, and Verizon.

Power Redundancy

Each facility sits on two unique diverse power feeds. Our power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience in each layer. Liebert Precision distribution units handle final power transformation and distribution to racks, ensuring consistent power to all data center equipment.

Security On-Site

Data center access is strictly limited to our technical staff and engineers. Electronic security systems control data center access and are accompanied by a motion detecting security system to monitor the complete facility. The facility is also managed full-time by on-site security personnel.

Cooling System

Environmental processing systems include redundant cooling systems up flow air conditioning systems. The temperature and humidity are precisely regulated year-round to ensure optimum equipment reliability and performance.

Data Center Locations

Washington, DC USA Data Center

Since our inception, we have been racking servers at the Equinix DC6 Data Center, which is rated one of the best data centers in the world. The high-end connectivity provided at Equinix is not touchable by any other provider.

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Amsterdam, NL EUROPE Data Center

Our Amsterdam Data Center recently launched in 2012. It is a Military Grade Tier 3 Data Center with direct connectivity to some of the best peering points in the world. This data center provides very strong connectivity to Europe, UK and Asia.

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Tokyo, JP ASIA Data Center

Our Tokyo, JP Data Center launched in 2010. It is a military grade Tier 3 data center with very strong connectivity to the USA & Europe. This data center, like our other locations, includes redundant power, connectivity and A/C.

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We have teamed up with both Akamai and Edgecast to offer you a powerful CDN to cache your website and steam videos at the best bit rate and quality available. This powerful CDN allows your website to be cached throughout worldwide secure data centers, allowing your website and videos to stream up to 5x faster without the need to host physical servers in multiple different locations. Below shows you a map of our global CDN offered to all our customers free of charge.