Private Cloud Hosting

Scale up to 1,000 physical nodes with WebNet’s single-tenant private cloud solution.


Private cloud hosting is a single-tenant private clustered environment powered by OpenStack clustering technology. We fully manage and set up your private cloud for you depending on your requirements. The result is a dramatically faster time to market solution with 100% redundancy and reliability and the ability to scale up to 1,000 physical machines.

What you can host in a Private Cloud

Powerful High Traffic Websites

High Traffic E-Commerce Shopping Carts

Video & Encoding Servers

GPU Encoding Servers & Components

Wowza Media Servers & Streaming Engines

High Capacity Storage Servers

Features & Benefits


Ability to Scale

The private cloud option gives you the power of combining dedicated hardware with a clustered cloud solution, which is what we call a private cloud. This setup allows you to start with just a few dedicated servers and scale up to 1,000 servers instantly without the need to wait for new hardware to be racked and available.


Security & Compliancy

The private cloud gives you both security and compliancy. You are the only customer hosted in this private environment. With strict monitoring, we will ensure your cloud is running at optimum performance. Both HIPAA & PCI compliance will be ready and available on your private cloud environment.


Uptime Guarantee

Depending on how scalable and redundant you wish to build your private cloud, we can build and cluster your network to offer 100% uptime reliability and remove all points of failure from your setup.


Fully Managed

Our award winning automation platform will make node management easy. Our support staff and system admins will work with you from the beginning to set up your private cloud to meet your specific requirements.

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