• All E-Commerce Merchants to be Compliant with the PA-DSS

    by Forrest

    Make sure your site is compliant with the PA-DSS in order to be PCI Compliant!! Today marks the official deadline that all online merchants must be using PA-DSS certified applications if you are an e-commerce merchant that processes and/or stores credit card and other confidential information.

    Today, June 1st marks the day that all e-commerce websites must ensure that they adhere to the new PA-DSS (Payment Application – Data Security Standard) as established by the PCI (Payment Card Industry). The PCI is composed of all major credit card companies and establishes the guidelines all merchants, payment applications and web hosts must adhere to.

    Miva Merchant is now fully PA-DSS certified and added to Visa’s list of compliant payment applications. Therefore, if you are running a Miva 5.5 store with the new Wombat installed, you’re golden and totally protected in case of a security breech.
    If you are using a cart that is not compliant with the PCI or PA-DSS certified then you are playing with fire. You risk hefty fines, increased merchant fees and possible shutdown of your site.
    Ensure PCI and PA-DSS Compliance by utilizing the PCI Compliant Miva Merchant Web Hosting services provided by WebNet Hosting. We have been a Premer Partner Miva Host since 2004.
    Give us a call today 1-877-503-HOST (4678) with any questions or to find out how to upgrade to the latest version of Miva Merchant, which is 100% PA-DSS certified, FOR FREE.
    July 01, 2010
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    • ecommerce web template October 13, 2012 at 04:26 pm Reply

      Because ecommerce sites mostly process financial transactions over the Internet, they need a merchant account, which allows them to process credit cards and transfer funds between banks. If ecommerce businesses don’t have a merchant account, then they’ll need a payment gateway, such as PayPal, that can process credit card payments or Internet banking transactions with high-end security measures.

    • As mentioned before, an ecommerce site should have shopping cart software that keeps track of the items that the customer puts into his or her “cart” before going on to the payment processing page. Examples of these software include OS Commerce and Agora; both shopping cart systems are classified Open Source, which means users can customize the interface and add functions that improve the customer’s online shopping experience. Another Open Source ecommerce solution is Magento, which also has customizable themes and extensible plug-ins as the other two.

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